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Wine For Beginners

Wine For Beginners – Learn About Wine


wine-for-beginnersWhat is wine? Take a look at this article of wine for beginners. You will learn what wine is and
about grapes and various types of wines that are popular today.

Before you can attend a wine tasting event or decide on what type of wine to buy and serve, it’s a good idea to understand some of the basics about wine.

It is good to have at least a general understanding of what wine is exactly, and the wine making process.

You should understand the major grape varieties that get used in the process of making wine.

There are various approaches to classifying or defining wines, from taste to color.

Let us start with a definition of wine.

What Is Wine?


Here is a simple way to define what wine is. It is the fermented juice that comes from a certain type of grape, called wine grapes.

Fermentation is when the sugar in grape juice turns into alcohol, through the actions of yeast.
This natural process that turns the grapes into wine. Fermentation can occur by itself without a human intervention.

That is because the total weight of the grapes in any given barrel can crush the fruit down hard enough that it turns into juice. This ferments and creates wine.

However, over 8000 years ago human beings have become involved in the wine making process.

Viticulturists have worked to create an ideal type of grapes that can produce the best wine varieties.

In searching to grow the top kind of grape, the viticulturist must remember certain facts. That is, that
grapes need specific growing conditions in order to be successful in wine making.

These factors include things like soil conditions, temperature, daylight hours, variety of grape and even angle of the sun.

Vinification is the changing of grape juice into the actual wine.

The final ingredient in making wine that tastes good is the skill of the vintner.

He or she must use their skills to produce the most top wine possible.

So, this means that the viticulturist has to choose plants that work into the schedule.

Usually, the only grapes selected for wine come from 3rd year vines.


Wine For Beginners –  GRAPES


Just about all major grapes come from Vitis vinifera. It is the original source grape of many grape varieties.
This specific species of grape makes up several of the key wine varieties.

Variations of Vitis (vine) vinifera include the popular American Vitis labrusa.

There are more than 8,000 different varieties of grapes to choose from. All varieties can act as a wine base.

However, only about 100 grape varieties are the focus of wine lovers.
Wine for beginners should include information and learning about some of the most popular wines there are.

Here are some of the most popular names of wines to remember:


This is just a starter list of the more popular wines. For More info get the wine ebook here.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon (CAB-err-nay So-ve-NYON). A Vitis vinifera species, this is probably the most famous red grape in the entirety of the world.
  • Chardonnay (shar-duh-NAY). Vitis vinifera. This grape is universally known.
    This green-skinned (white) grape is one of the most adaptable varieties of grape. It can grow in almost any climate.
  • Merlot (merr-LOW). Vitis vinifera. Red (black) grapes of this vine type produce red colored wines.
  • Muscat (MUSS-kat). Vitis vinifera. This green (white) grape is called Muscatel or Muskatel. One of the oldest of grapes, it has more than one variety.
  • Niagara (Nigh-aga-RA). Vitis labrusca. This green (white) grape is a north American grape. Wine drinkers describe it as “foxy.” It is found in Canada and the United States and is one of the top grapes there.
  • Riesling (RISE-ling). Vitis vinifera. These white grapes make some of the best white wines.They are pure, crisp and dry or lush and sweet.
  • Sauvignon Blanc (Soh-vig-non Blonc) Vitis vinifera. This green-skin (white) grape is quite high in acidity. As an aperitif type of wine, Sauvignon Blanc is considered superior to Chardonnay.

This wraps up our learning about wine for beginners. You should seek out new knowledge on wine if you want to become a true wine connoisseur!

Check out the Newbies Guide To Wine Below For Further Study

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