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What Does Sugar Do To Your Body?

what-does-too-much-sugar-do-to-your-bodyYou are probably here because you have been asking yourself, “what does sugar do to your body?”

Here are 12 negative ways sugar can affect your system. In some ways it can be one of the worst food you can eat. However, your body does need to have certain types of sugar to survive, just not too much!

What Does Sugar Do To Your Body?

Read on to find out…

1. Your Immune System – Eating sugar actually can destroy your body’s ability to fight germs. Only two cans of pop can halt the ability for your body
to fight off a flu, for example. The other thing that is bad is you can get a lot of cavities when eating too much sugar. Staying away from sugar helps boost your immune system.

2. Behavior Issues – Most parents know that when their kids eat too much sugar, their behavior changes. They get excitable and rowdy.

3. Mineral Balance – Overeating on sugar can mean you are depleting your body of a very important mineral, namely, magnesium. This could lead to constipation or even issues falling asleep at night. Chromium, another mineral, is also lost more through urine when you overeat sugar.

4. Bad Calories – Eating sugar that has been processed has absolutely no benefits to your health. Sugar that is processed is just empty calories that puts fat on your body, causing weight gain. What does sugar do to your body? well try combining too much fat, salt and sugar and you are heading towards a health breakdown.

5. Elevated Insulin Responses – When you eat too much sugar your body gets confused about how much insulin it should release. This can potentially lead to diabetes and other health related issues.

6. Damages Cells and Tissues – Too much sugar can harm eyes, kidneys and nerves. They seem to carry more sugar than your other organs. Sugar can also damage your small blood vessels.

7. Can Lead To High Blood Triglyceride Levels – When blood triglycerides are high you may not even know it. Having them high is not good for health.

8. Contributes to Hyperactivity – Studies have been done that show sugar can possibly cause hyperactivity, especially in kids. Although, not conclusive,because other studies say not, all you really need to do is ask a parent! Most will tell you that after eating candy their kids become overly animated!

9. Anxiety – Since refined sugar enters and leaves the blood fast, it can cause anxiety in some people. If you notice you get anxious after eating
sugar, just don’t.

10. Poor Concentration – The speed at which sugar enters the blood can also cause bad concentration. It gets into blood cells too fast and then leaves
just as quickly. Your body needs a balanced level of glucose to nourish your brain, rather than short fast burst of sugar.

11. Feeds Some Cancers – Cancer cells seem to love sugar. They need sugar to grow. They especially like white refined sugar, white flour or high
fructose corn syrup. By reducing the amounts of processed sugars you take in, you can cut the risk of some cancers.

12. Can Lead To Hypoglycemia – Some people have a condition called hypoglycemia, which causes low blood sugar. Often, people with diabetes have this issue.
Their bodies don’t produce enough of their own.

13. Causes Poor Digestion – Processed sugar is quite acidic. Acid in the stomach can cause GERD, heartburn or other digestive issues. The goal for good health is to have a more alkaline body. Sugar doesn’t fit the bill.

The bottom line is, everybody has a different system which reacts differently to various things. If sugar affects you in any of the above ways, it is best to cut back or eliminate all together, your sugar consumption.

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