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Teach Yourself To Play Piano

teach-yourself-to-play-pianoWant to teach yourself to play piano?  This page will give you some great info to start.

Of all the instruments, the piano is one of the world’s favorite.

Famous  Piano Players

Master piano players, such as, Mozart, Brahms, Bach,and Stravinsky have shown us just how amazing the piano can be. In more recent time artists such as Elton John and Aretha Franklin have show off the incredible sounds of the piano.

These musicians and artists have made the piano famous around the globe.
At one time, most people who had the desire to learn how to play piano, relied on the old traditional way of learning, with a piano teacher.

Teach Yourself To Play Piano

These days though, there are many ways you can learn keyboard skills and can do so easily. There are simply many ways to teach yourself to play piano.

You don’t necessarily need to have a live person to train them in how to play.

For example, there are piano books available where a wannabe musician can teach him or herself to play just by following the instructions.

Most decent books on piano will show step by step instructions. They will teach theory and have practice songs one can play as they learn.

If you can find such a book on piano, and it comes with a DVD or a CD rom, all the better. It always helps to have a video or audio in order to hear how certain songs should sound.

Also, with the rise of computers there are many programs one can find online with a little google search, that are available to those who wish to learn or even improve their piano playing techniques.Some of these programs will even allow you to interact with the software so you can teach yourself to play correctly.

Another really great thing about online instruction is you can now use Skype to take private lessons, no matter where you live.

Electronic Keyboards

For those students who are brave, learning can start on an electronic keyboard or strip.

Although these methods will not teach someone music theory principles, like reading music or playing in general, they teach a learner how to play a pre-programmed song.

Electronic keyboards have a display screen that highlights the letters or keys a student should play.
If you cannot afford to take private lessons one on one with a teacher you could also try group classes. Even though you won’t get a lot of attention on a one on one basis, you still benefit because you have a live instructor showing you exactly how to play.

A human teacher can provide verbal feedback which lessons the chances of developing sloppy playing habits.

As well, students can ask questions and get replies right away. If you are in a group you also get support from fellow class members. They can encourage you and challenge you too. The human element is very important if you want to learn to play well.

Mainly because, having friends to play with or learn from is very motivating. You can practice together and give each other feedback.

Luckily, you don’t have to have tons of money to learn though. With long distance online learning, books, piano ebooks, classes and other tools, one can learn piano quite easily given a little personal effort.

So, there you have it. A few good ideas on how to teach yourself to play piano. Make it a life long effort and who knows, you might become the next Mozart!

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