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Vegan Diet Ebook – Guide To A Cruelty Free Diet


  • This guide includes a Vegan Cheat Sheet which gives you tips and ideas on how to live vegan.
  • A “going vegan” mind map, showing tips on what it is to “go vegan.
  • Plus a Resources Report with links to books, websites and more to continue learning about veganism.
  • Includes 10 juicy articles of information on veganism.

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Vegan Diet Ebook


This vegan diet ebook will show you something that many people don’t understand, and that is that being a vegan is not just about how you eat. It’s also¬† about how you live your life.

Not everyone is cut out to be a vegan.  Yet,there are those who find following a vegan lifestyle is the only way to live.

For those people, it’s about lifestyle and their perspective. For some it’s about certain beliefs.

Those who go vegan, do so for a number of reasons, and most of those reasons are personal.

Quite often a person will start eating vegan because they realize how bad some animals are treated in order to go from farm to dinner plate.

Vegans do not want to support anything that can cause harm and suffering to animals. They do not want to support factory farms or dairy farms where animals are mistreated and not allowed to live their fullest, healthiest lives.

And, although it may seem like an extreme way to eat, and “off the beaten track”of whats generally accepted in society as a healthy diet or lifestyle, veganism can be rewarding.

One of the main rewards of following this lifestyle, is improved health. A vegan diet can stop or slow down heart disease, inflammation and even prevent some types of cancers.

With this Vegan Diet ebook you will:


  • Learn the foundations of a Vegan Diet and how it benefits the world around you and your body.
  • Understand what veganism means.
  • You will be guided through all your questions and extra tools and resources will be given for any remaining questions this ebook may not answer.
  • You will even learn the difference between Vegetarianism and Veganism.
  • Plus, information about getting enough protein and some good food sources.

You will also learn how to build new habits in your journey to beginning your new lifestyle.

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