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Sugar Ebook


In this sugar ebook, you’ll learn about:

  • The different sources of sugar
  • The various types of sugar
  • The many reasons why sugar can be bad for your health
  • What is the ideal amount of sugar one should eat
  • The effects of too much sugar intake
  • Limiting sugar consumption
  • Knowing and combating sugar addiction
  • Great recipes to minimize sugar cravings

There’s so much this sugar eBook has to offer in terms of knowledge about sugar that will improve your well being, so don’t waste time. Start reading now!

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sugar-ebookLooking for a sugar ebook that will explain to you why sugar is bad for you? Is it really the sugar itself that is the culprit? Or Something else? Read on to find out…

Sugar – Is It The New Enemy?

Many governments today look like they are on a mission to eliminate sugar. Sugar is being taxed higher and banned from school. Some treatment programs are now starting to accept people who have sugar addiction.

But is sugar the real enemy? In this sugar eBook, you’ll learn that it is not the sugar source itself, but something more ominous. 

Take coca leaves, for instance. Back in the early days, they were used in their raw state in making tea. People didn’t have any issue until coca leaves were processed and became an addictive and highly dangerous drug more commonly known as cocaine.

The poppy flower is another example. What used to be a useful and hazard-free ingredient for making relaxing and pain-relieving tea is now utilized for creating opiate, a seriously threatening and highly addictive drug.

Sugar cane is the source of most sugar. It is a healthy plant that is ideally consumed in its raw form and taken in moderation. However, once it undergoes a process and taken in excess, it has the same effect as addictive drugs. In fact, in a study done among lab rats, sugar was found to be more impactful than cocaine.

There are different types of sugar and knowing a bit about them would certainly help you make better choices. There are natural sugar. There are also processed sugar.



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