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Clean Eating Ebook


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Here is a snippet of what you will find in this clean eating ebook:


  • What is Clean Eating and Why is it Important?
  • 10 Reasons to Give Clean Eating a Try
  • 7 Simple Principles and Guidelines of Clean Eating
  • 15 Simple Recipes to Start Your Clean Eating Journey 1
  • Clean Eating 10 Day Challenge – Jump on Board – You Won’t Regret It!

Also included is a clean eating e-course!

  • Clean lunch ideas for the whole family
  • Clean snacks that will keep you on track
  • Food substitutions for a cleaner diet
  • How to adjust any recipe to be clean
  • How to choose clean dairy
  • Overcoming junk food cravings
  • Money saving green eating tips
  • Superfoods to work into your menus
  • Foods to keep on hand in your pantry
  • and so much more!!

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What Is Clean Eating?


clean-eating-ebookThis clean eating ebook  will show you that when you “eat clean” you are eating foods which are as close to possible to nature.

With the help of this clean eating ebook you will learn how to make the right food choices. You will learn what to eat, how much and what foods to avoid.

The guiding principles of clean eating are clearly explained to you step by easy step.
You will understand the reasons for eating real whole foods, compared to highly processed foods or junk foods,. You will also come to understand and why you should eat salads instead.

There has been much emphasis put on eating the right type of foods and avoiding the ‘bad foods’.

The main goal is to make sure you eat and stay healthy as a result of being deliberate about what you choose to eat and not eat.

Consume Pure Foods Close To Nature


As the saying goes, We are what we eat.

Clean eating can also be called eating real foods. It makes sense to think that if you eat clean foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, than your body will also be clean and in a healthy natural state.

The shortest route of getting foods to your plate is preferred over packaging, food coloring and flavoring or any refining processes.

This will mean your food will be free from chemicals, fats that are no good for you, and all kinds of junk foods that cause long-term health issues.

In this ebook you will find easy simple recipes that are homemade and well explained. They will get you started on your journey to eat clean. In this ebook you will also take a challenge to see if you can live up to the clean eating standard! Read on below to see exactly what you will find in this ebook and e course.

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