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Coping With Depression

Coping with depression usually means you have to attack the problem from more than one angle.

Depression isn’t typically something you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps to cure. But try these things to help yourself. You may also like our depression ebook.

Coping With Depression  – Self-Help Strategies


* Sleep Control – Various studies have shown that controlling sleep can aid in depression. It can help you from not sleeping.



If you suffer with bipolar disorder however, this may not be recommended.

The way sleep controls works is, you must limit your sleep time to six or seven hours each night. You cannot nap during the day and must only sleep at night.

It’s called wake therapy and you read about wake therapy here.

* Exercise – Exercise releases endorphins and those little chemicals can make you feel good. A 20 minute walk or more each day will benefit depression.
Also, walking when sunny outside helps you absorb vitamin D and that helps with depression. When walking you may feel grumpy or down, but once the exercise is over you should generally feel better. Just the act of getting out and doing something can release certain hormones that make you feel more like doing things. Exercise is a great thing to try when coping with depression.

* Diet – Simply changing your diet for the better can help. Eating veggies and fruits is very good, but keep in mind they don’t release enough glucose (sugars)for the brain to work well.

It is important though to eat foods as natural as possible and stay away from processed, packaged foods. There are often additives and chemicals in those foods that can wreak havoc on your brain and hormones, leading to more depression.

You should also include good quality protein from animal sources. It is important to get the amino acids that meat provides for brain function.

* Vitamins – Get a blood test to see if you are low in certain vitamins. If your B12, B6, or B3 vitamins are low it could trigger or worsen depression. You could take a multivitamin to treat this deficiency.

* Journal – For some people it helps them if they write their feeling on paper. Writing positive thoughts down in a journal or diary can help you focus on being positive. The brain tends to go in the direction of your thoughts. If you think negative you get depressed. If you think positive you feel happier.

There are products like self-help audio for depression that may help too.
Do a search on the internet for free positive self talk videos or similar videos that you can listen to or watch to help your depression.

* Meditate – Mediation has been shown to have some miraculous benefits. It has been shown to help greatly for those people coping with depression. Learn how to mediate by watching videos on YouTube or buying self-help books.

* Light Therapy – Some people suffer from what is called Seasonal depression. This depression can happen, for example, when the time changes in winter. There is not enough daylight hours for those who go to work when it’s dark and come home when its dark. This means, those types of workers never see
the sun. The sun has been shown to be very important when fighting depression. Those who don’t see the sun because of work commitments, may get Seasonally depressed.

Light therapy can help. It is important to do light therapy in the morning and never at night. When coping with depression light is your best friend.

* Don’t Drink Alcohol – Drinking can cause depression for some people. Even having one glass of beer or wine in the evening could lead to depression the next day. Know yourself. If you are the type that gets depressed when drinking, don’t do it!

* Avoid Self-Medication – Most drugs, such as cannabis, booze or street drugs cause depression. Or, they can make symptoms worse.

* Try Something New – Try something new. Take up art, music or writing for example. Or travel somewhere you have never been. Often, just changing your environment can lead to feeling happier.

* Talk to People You Trust – Confiding in someone can make you feel better period. Make sure it is someone you trust. You don’t want to confide in those who gossip behind your back. Someone talking behind your back will not help in your quest for coping with depression. It will make you feel worse.

* Get into Nature – Get outside. Nature is lifes natural depression healer. Get with the trees, flowers, birds and bees and the sun and you may find your moods lifting for the better. Nature if peoples natural medicine.

* Find Support – If talking to friends or family just isn’t cutting it, you can find support groups. It may be online, on facebook or in a meetup such as

When coping with depression it is best to make small achievable goals. If you go to fast you will just give up. Making things to hard on yourself is likely to fail. Small baby steps will help you stick with your plan.

If you suffer from mild or medium depression the above points could help. If they don’t never be afraid to see a professional.


Coping With Depression  – Advice And Tips


Remember – You are not alone – It is very hard to deal with depression by yourself. As a matter of fact, it can be near impossible to go it alone when you are down. If it runs in your family you may not be able to solve the issue by just changing your diet for example. Often those people who are depressed and manage to snap out of it, are not truly suffering from real depression. They are just going through a low time in their life.

Taking medication – doesn’t mean you have given up trying to self-help. There are people who don’t like medication and this stops them from getting the help they need. Some think medication is dangerous to their health. However, taking meds for depression is not much different from taking meds for any type
of illness such as cancer or high blood pressure.

Friends and Family – Some friends or family members may make you feel that going to a psychiatrist is terrible. There will be other people who support you.

Try to find the ones who are supportive and understanding in your quest to cope with depression. For any unsupportive friends or family, you can always give show them flyers, or written material on what depression is in order to educate them on your issue. Coping with depression can mean educating others for sure.

Without treatment, it may get worse — Generally, depression does not improve on its own. I can get worse. Think of getting treatment the same way you would if you had, say, cancer. Think of it as an illness or disease like any other physical ailment.

Depression can take your life- In more ways than one. Not only does it ruin your chances of having a quality happy life, it can also lead to thought of suicide or issues like heart attacks. This is because depression puts a lot of stress on your body.

If you feel overwhelmed by tiredness, sadness, or are suffering at work, and you are self-medicating to help yourself, get help instead. Having support and concern of another person goes a long way when coping with depression.



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